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Hoops and YoyoEvidently, that’s what I am….

Crispy….like a fresh head of lettuce.

This from Pete and Megan through the hilarious messengers of Hoops and YoYo (maybe Hallmark isn’t so evil after all).

Thanks for the card guys! One of the funniest and most flattering I’ve ever received.  Those “over the hill” ones get really old after a while.

And lest I forget…thanks for the gift of Raider garb – a grey, long-sleeve Oakland Raiders 50th Anniversary tee.  I bought a white, short-sleeve version with the 50 year logo in San Diego, so this completes my collection.  As fellow St. Louisan, DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba would say….

Raider Creator

Leo is a Raider
Hopefully, not a lot of Al Davis, though.

Cheaters Feel Cheated

This is evidently not a joke. It’s an online petition. Those whacky Cheatriot fans feel like the NFL robbed them of victory by purposely mismanaging the clock in the Giants’ favor in the last 2 minutes of the Super Bowl.

I’m sorry. That’s hilarious.

Especially coming from fans whose team won their first Super Bowl directly benefiting from the worst and crooked calls in NFL history. One that they deny:

If you look at many of the “signatures” with comments in that petition, you’ll see that many people see it as a joke and are using the petition to mock the pansy-ass Patsy fans.If Tuck-Rule-Game-denying and the writings of Bill Simmons isn’t proof enough that Patsy fans are idiots and morons, the guy that wrote up the petition cites NFL rules but neglects to mention an important point. That is that the Jacobs run was on 4th down and the officials had to stop the clock to check whether he got a first down or not. Clock stops on change of possession, buttheads. When the spot was shown to be enough for a first down, the clock was restarted.

Speaking of the clock, when is that classless Head Coach going to get fined for leaving the game early? I believe there’s a rule about that.

I look forward to more from Spygate. Note to Goodell: Patsies still have a first round draft choice.

Lastly, a quick reminder to the Patsies – F*#& You!

Raider Rantings

AFN came thru and showed the Raider-49er game. (Pete, hold onto the tape.) Great game!

The boys did a gut check and came out with a big overtime win. Happy, yet disappointed that they let a 14 point, 4th quarter lead evaporate. The safeties, Dorsett and Pope, just don’t seem to play the zone very well and were horrendous in their tackling. Dorsett came thru in the clutch, though, when he and Woodson broke thru and blocked the 49er game-winning FG attempt in OT. Overtime on YouTube

Even though they should have handled this team easily, a win like this builds character and will keep the team playing hard for 60 minutes in future games. Confidence was one of the biggest problems in recent Raider teams. And chemistry. From what I’m hearing, this team has both and all the players seem to like playing together, unlike the Chester Mcglockton-led squads they’ve had before. Now, if they can just get the ball to Ricky Dudley more and get their rookie, 1st round placekicker going…Oakland’s top draft pick, missed two field goals, including one in overtime, that could have given the AFC West-leading Raiders the winning edge a lot earlier. Summary of the game here.

Catching up with the Raiders

Oakland Raider news: damn disappointing loss last week to Denver in front of a packed house at home. The boys got down 17-0 (can you say “turnover” 3 times?) and came storming back to tie but did zero in the second half.

Just saw the taped game, so thanks to Pete and Georgia for mailing me my weekly Raider fix to the UK, even though it was a downer. As I write, I’m listening to the last few minutes of the game v the Browns, and I’m happy to say, the Silver and Black bounced back well (34-10 so far) and will go into their bye week on top of the AFC West at 3-1.

Attention bro! Work on getting those tickets to KC ASAP!

Pete’s Raiders at Indianapolis Experience

As I left U of Dayton on I-70, I listened to the Indianapolis sports radio. They kept saying how the Colts will dominate, especially at home. Well, considering it was their home opener vs. THE RAIDERS, and that I was driving in heavy rain; I decided to park near a local mall just near the RCA dome. By the time I parked and began treking through the rain, my boys were already down 14-0. I just wanted to find a local pub with a tv, but instead I got a TICKET! Someone late for the game had an extra $30 ticket  away from his $90 seats. When he asked for $40, I pointed to my new Raider T-shirt (compliments of Telly). I then said, I needed beer money and my team was already losing after 10 minutes. I got the ticket for $20. By the time I found my seat, it was 21-0. Near halftime, the Raiders showed some defense. I was wet, pissed off, tired, and beerless. I then treked down to the concourse level. Well, after 2 quarters of domination and superiority over the Colts, the crowd was silent. Dead on opening day. It wasn’t the dark rain clouds that nailed the Colt fans down…..It was just another BLACK SUNDAY in the Silver and Black Book.


Link to the highlights.

Raiders v Chargers

Bad moon has “Rison” for the Raiders. but this time that’s a good thing because Andre is wearing the Silver and Black. Still have flashbacks to that last minute catch on MNF a couple of years ago that just killed the Raiders’ season. He payed dividends immediately as he caught the game winner in the home opener. Raiders needed it desperately in this ugly, defensive game. Listened to the whole thing on-line with raider radio KTCT. The Black Hole sounded as loud as a freight train and I think the noise really helped contribute to the Raider safety (what?!? were they crazy? running out of an i-formation from their 1-foot line?). Can’t wait for the tape, Pete! Hope it’s in the mail, though I’m off for Stuttgart Saturday(there until Thursday the 14th) and probably won’t get it before the Colts game anyway. That’ll be a tough one. They looked pretty good against the Chiefs, especially on offense. Plus, they’re playing in Indy on that damn plastic carpeting. By the way, loved watching Dallas get smoked at home by Philly.