"It’s Hard to be Cheerful About Apocalyptic-type Stuff"

It’s all about the demographics, baby. As Mark Steyn describes in his new book, America may indeed be Alone soon.

17 European countries have what demographers call lowest-load fertility, from which no society ever recovered. That means they are basically not having enough babies.

We should celebrate our 300 millionth American. We’re growing, while Europe is dying…unless you’re talking about Euro-Islam. If the demographic trend continues, in a short time, Europe will look nothing like it did when I lived there a few years ago.

While Europeans are scoffing at our population growth, those same people’s children won’t show the same disgust for us as they’re being forced to convert to Islam.

the most indispensable resource of all is human capital

I wonder if my father’s homeland, Greece, is among the 17. I wonder if the large influx of Albanian Muslims have put them in that category. Even if they are, I know they’ll fight the culture takeover tooth and nail, along with some of the other eastern European countries…that is, if they don’t let it sneak up on them.

Before we get too cocky about our “human capital” growth though, we need to be reminded of our Muslim population and what their mindset apparently is. I love our multiculturalism, as long as America comes first. A friend of mine used to make fun of me when I used the term Greek-American. Both because the word “Greek” came first in the hyphenation and because we’re all really, and most importantly, just “Americans”. I see what he means now as I watch the news about Muslims’ cultural segregation in the UK, France, and yes, here in the US. Then I see a poll from a prominent group of “Muslim-Americans” that puts America a distant second and contains some really disturbing thoughts on 911 and conspiracy theories. Remember, these are all Americans, and probably not only from Dearbornistan, Michigan.

…the average Muslim…in some basic sense, when he immigrates to the Netherlands, when he immigrates to the United Kingdom, when he immigrates to Canada or Michigan, wants eventually to live in a Muslim society in those places.

America: Don’t listen to the leftist, cultural appeasers. Don’t give an inch. Even if it just starts with a Koran in every Motel 6. It will creep up on us.

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