Funky Shit

funky shit
Ok, I admit I sort of dissed the flip-flop socks thing a little too fast. I just thought: cold weather – wear shoes with socks, warm weather – sandles sans socks. My blog post in late June was somehow found by Michele of the Flip Flop Socks company. She gave me a piece of her mind, in a very nice way, and even was so generous as to send me a couple of pairs to try out (Behold….the power of the Blog). They’re actually pretty cool. It’s a strange feeling the way they hug your big toe, but a good kind of strange I think. I don’t really like to wear the thong-style sandles that these were really made for but, as the Prodigy sing, they are some funky shit, so I’ll wear them with my Birks while on my adventures down in Greece on those occasional cool nights. Who knows, maybe some world-class athlete will catch a glimpse of them, spread the word to his friends, and they’ll take the world by storm. By the way, in my travels throughout Europe, I’ve noticed the northern europeans tend to do the socks and sandles thing much more than anyone else. I see the company has a German site. That’s good, but I think they need to target the nordic market. Just my thoughts.

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