Athens Olympics 2004

Olympics TicketsI’m here in hot and sunny Athens, Greece for the Olympics. Hoping to get away from the grind long enough to attend a couple of events as AussieGirl bought some tix to the Track & Field and Swimming competitions. All the bad press aside, I was really impressed with a lot of what I’ve seen so far. The new ring road is the one thing Athens needed most and it is truly a time saver when traversing the city. Every venue I’ve seen is beautiful and architecturally interesting, especially the main Olympic Complex. It’s too bad that they dragged their feet so much that the swimming pool roof had to be cancelled, though. That fact may be the lone negative to come out of the preparation, however rushed it was. The other good thing is that a lot of the Greeks are on vacation this month, so the traffic congestion is barely bearable. They even closed down lanes on main arteries, restricting them to official Olympic vehicles. If all the Greeks stayed in town, there would’ve been massive gridlock.

For us, the best part will come after the games are over. That’s the part where we sneak away on an island(or two) tour. Prime candidates are Hydra and Rhodos.

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