Yeia Sou, Hellas

Greek Football(aka Soccer) just won their biggest ever international match 2-1. The opponents lone goal was merely a consolation as it came at 3 minutes of a 4 minute added period for penalty time. The game was the opener of Euro 2004 against the heavily favored host team, Portugal. Greece is something like 80-1 underdogs to win it all. Euro 2004, to those stateside, is a hugely respected 16-nation tournament to determine the best national football team in Europe. It’s second only to the World Cup. The Greek team played their hearts out and deserved the win, but as usual, all the talk is about how the Portuguese didn’t play well and up to their standards. That irks me and I’m sure a lot of the Greek fans. At some point, you have to give the victors credit. They earlier had defeated the very strong Spanish team just to qualify for the tournament. Looks like they’re on a roll, but Greeks tend to get a little cocky and overconfident, so here’s hoping their headstrong German coach keeps them focused.

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