AussieGirl ToesIt’s official, froboy is a player no more. It may have been something in the Australian air. Or maybe it was him crossing the equator for the first time. Whatever it was, he proposed marriage to AussieGirl on Sunday, the 23rd of May 2004. The proposal was a bit unorthodox, much like the rest of the relationship as it evolved since meeting at a friend’s birthday party in southern England. It all happened on Australia’s Sunshine Coast, specifically at Noosa National Park’s Dolphin Point overlook, on a rock at the cliff’s edge(cliff’s edge….is that symbolic?). He got on a knee and presented his victim with a turtle toe ring.

Why a turtle? Turtles are just cool, but to explain it away romantically, he mumbled something about how it symbolised the relationship in that a turtle lives long and they mate for life. AussieGirl seemed to buy off on it.

Why the toe? No comment.

Not that he got off cheap – a beautiful white and pink, Argyle diamond ring is being made at this moment in Sydney. (Note: She still has to pass a 25 question Raider quiz before a date is set.)

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