I’ve never heard of the Florida-based metal band called Iced Earth. But after reading this interview of their band leader Jon Schaffer by a lefty Canadian, I might just become a fan. Here’s a sample:

BW&BK: “Do you think 9/11 will be viewed as the first event in the US empire’s decline and fall?”

JS: “No. This is not an empire, first of all. If the United States was an empire, your country would be our 51st state.”

BW&BK: “I understand.”

JS: “Let’s get real. We don’t do that. It’s not our thing. Colin Powell did an interview and the interviewer called the United States an empire and used this bullshit fuckin’ socialist language and his response was, ‘The only land we’ve ever asked for is enough for the kids who don’t come home. In all the countries we’ve gone and liberated as far back as WWII, the only land we’ve asked for is for our soldiers that died.’ There’s an over-whelming amount of jealousy and resentment out there. When you’re the leader, everyone comes to you when they need help. But then they shit on you every chance they get. You can never please everybody all the time. No matter what you do. You can try to do the best things, and no matter what someone is out to get you and tear you down. It’s in that way in any scale of leadership. I don’t care if it’s a personal thing or a country or a commander of a battalion. It’s human nature, it’s unfortunate. But it’s the way it is.”

Read the whole thing. It’s funny how the Canadian tries to be “cool” throughout, while at the same time asking totally left-biased questions.

A sidenote: their MTV bio(linked above) says that their biggest market is Greece. Greece!?! Odd with all the anti-American sentiment the press reports over there….could this be yet another press spin or is it just that bad news is more likely to make the news?

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