I cringe sometimes when I watch that Bill O’Reilly guy on Fox(yes, I get it over here now on SkyTV). Mostly because the guy is just so damn smug and pompous. I have to admit, though, he was great yesterday in making a fool out of an ACLU lawyer lady who was a guest on his show. She was there to speak in favor of changing the Los Angeles County seal because it had a small cross on it. Never mind that it’s symbolic of the Catholic missions that are so much a part of the county’s history. Never mind that the seal also had a big, Greek Goddess right smack in the middle of it. Never mind that the city’s name means “City of Angels”. I’m a little disappointed that he didn’t bring up the fact that there are hundreds of cities in the US with “Saint” in the name. Do these civil libertarian fucks want us to change all these names as well? Shame on Redlands, California. They had a cross on their seal and capitulated to avoid going to court. Unfortunately, the LA County seal controversy grew out of that. I guess they thought LA County would roll over just like them. These people should just go away. Stop wasting our time and money in the courts, over trivial matters, and find something to do that can actually better peoples’ lives.

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