kangaroo loveNothing escapes the froboy love cam. I feel kind of bad because these two roos(wallabies?) were obviously trying to find some privacy under a footbridge in the Australia Zoo. We nosy humans were clicking away and giggling at them as they were trying to make the sweet love. Oh well, those are the advantages of being at the top of the food chain, I guess.

Australia Zoo, by the way, is the zoo owned by that crazy Crocodile Hunter guy who recently was seen dangling his toddler above the hungry mouths of crocs at an exhibition in the zoo. Didn’t actually see Steve Irwin, but his face and that of his American wife and kids are plastered everywhere in the zoo. Don’t know if it’s ego or just smart salesmanship. I must say, though, that the zoo is very well put together. Very green, with tropical vegetation everywhere, clean, decent tucker(food), and handlers with animals are constantly roaming around giving you the opportunity to actually touch and ask questions about them. Pretty cool.

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