Just a couple of days left in this wonderful country. It was so cool to wake up to the laughing call of the Kookaburra and the smell of the Eucalyptus trees.

Strange, beautiful, and wonderful. Not once did I hear anyone say “G’day mate”, though I heard a lot of different words for familiar things: brekkie for breakfast, chook for chicken, a dodgie is when you’re trying to avoid(dodge) something, a dag is something nasty/bad(actually a name for the matted wool with dangly bits at the back end of a sheep), tomato sauce is what they call ketchup, but my favorite is hoon for hoosier(as we Missourians would say). They even have converted this to to a verb, as in “hooning”. A teeneager just made the news the other day for getting fined for hooning: he was cruising in his tricked out GT and playing his stereo too loud. And there are lots of cool place names with oos, ahs and ums in them(e.g. Mooloolaba, Noosa, Maroochydore, Mullumbimby…to name just a few) – undoubtedly from the Aboriginal language.

Lastly, and not to rip off Pulp Fiction too much…but this is true – they have a burger here at McDonalds that’s called the McOz. I think it’s the equivalent of the Quarter Pounder, but it’s got beetroot on it. Beetroot on a burger is quite normal here, and it’s actually not bad. It sorta takes the place of the pickles. They also call McDonlads “Mackers”….that’s “Mackas” with an Aussie accent.

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