x at Easternmost point of AustraliaI’m just lazing on the beautiful beaches of Australia and enjoying the awesome scenery here. It seems like the hideous acts of terrorists that I’m reading about when I pick up a newspaper are so far away and so unreal. I keep thinking what it would feel like if that were me in Mr Berg’s place. Is there any doubt who the good guys and the bad guys are?

We were just at the easternmost point of mainland Australia yesterday: the lighthouse of Byron Bay. It’s about a two hour drive south of Brisbane. We spent a few relaxing days in the nearby, granola town of Mullumbimby with Bob and Helen, parents of Aussie Girl. What great hosts! We even had a nice round of golf together at the local course. We are now north of Brisbane, in another curiously named town, Mooloolaba. This time, we’re enjoying the great hospitality of David and Karen and their beautiful kids – Lana, Zoe, and Jake. We’re off to Sydney tomorrow, for the weekend. Can’t wait to see that stunning city. Hope to have more to report later.

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