It’s really disgusting what those white trash, hoosier f#@ks did to the Iraqi prisoners. I’m not even going to call them soldiers. And to see women involved is even more disturbing. I read somewhere where they blame the fact that they didn’t receive good training? What a bunch of tripe. Where’s their humanity? Their respect for human dignity? Granted, these prisoners were most likely low life, murdering bastards, but we’re supposed to be better than them. And now, you know that bin laden TV is going to have a field day with this. The UK papers already are. It’s plastered all over their front pages in bold, 1000-point fonts. Now, they’ve discovered that British guards have done even worse things. I must say though, that this outrage seems disproportionate compared to the media reaction over the murdering, mutilation, and parading of dead Americans.

All the soldiers that I’ve worked with have been very professional. I’ve been really impressed with them as I went in thinking there’d be a bunch of dumb grunts, although I guess ground forces that are trained to kill are a little different in nature. And remember that there are thousands in Iraq that are brave and honorable. It’s the classic example of how a few can ruin it for the majority. Add to that the fact that every US and UK misstep is magnified over there. Now, the resentment grows from the natives and it’s going to be even more difficult to stabilize things. I think we need to step back and re-think the strategy, maybe employing (or re-employing) Iraqi forces. We really need them to police their own.

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