Hey Greek brothers!…I’ve got an all expense paid trip to Greece riding on this Olympics thing. Granted, I’ll be on a tiring gig, but I can take a break afterwards on a sunny Aegean island. First, the swimming pool venue’s roof was cancelled and now 60 Minutes is on the case. That’s not good.

“It’s the moment where Greece will be branded in one way or another,” says Rondos. “This is the challenge we face. If it goes well, everyone…you, everyone else will say ‘By golly, they pulled it off. And you know what? I’m gonna go back there again.’ The alternative is, ‘The Greeks didn’t get it right.’ And it will mark us. It will be a stigma for a long time afterwards. And we all know that. That’s the challenge we face.”

Any publicity is good publicity? I don’t think so in this case. Even if everything gets finished, Greeks will be branded (even more) by their laid back nature and lack of discipline (I won’t use the L word unless they really don’t finish in time). I mean, they had like seven freakin years to do this thing. I guess procrastination runs in our blood.

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