finally got out to DC’s latest must-comer dining experience, Pollo Campero. ok, it’s a fried chicken joint but popeye and the colonel are bound to start speaking espanol to try and rip-off the buzz of this central american juggernaut. i’ll admit there wasn’t much to the batter recipe but the portions were both generous and damn good, and the unique side of spiced frijoles will have you welcoming CAFTA like the GOP! lines went out the doors for months as Calle Elden drew my fellow hermanos and hermanas like menudo tickets, but it’s finally cooled off enough to let El Hombre in to see there’s more to latino fast food than taco belch. to boot, they piped in some awesome salsa/merengue musica. looks like col sanders has been overthrown by a junta – viva la revolucion!!

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