I’m finally back online at our new Cambridge crib. Connecting at a consistent 576kbps via overpriced BT/Yahoo broadband. I might shoot a few pictures out, though that’s pretty boring. This place has four, count ’em four, full baths to choose from, but I’m really disappointed about the crap water pressure. Anyway, not much more to report but I must say that the Oscars were a let down. I didn’t catch it all but Nicole Kidman looked fabulous and Bill Murray should have won Best Actor. Instead, we got that smug weasel, Sean Penn. He couldn’t take the high road and just had to squeeze in a mention of WMD in his acceptance speech…..bitch!

Oh yeah, we also had a couple of visitors who we met down in London for the weekend, my koumbara/cousin Anna and her mom Jane. I had a great time. Among other things, we saw the fab Domenikos Theotokopoulos exhibit, better known as El Greco, at the National Gallery (after mistakenly taking everyone to the British Museum….I really must be getting old….I even pre-booked). One of my faves was The Adoration of the Shepherds. The guy was a master and replicas of his stuff, like prints or postcards, just don’t translate the power of his art. His Disrobing of Christ got to my emotions, but copies of it look flat.

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