Tony’s the man! He gave a superb round-up of the Hutton Inquiry’s findings in Parliament today (here’s a good summary of the findings). All the Blair-haters were looking forward to the results of the Inquiry to tell the world how the Prime Minister lied to and deceived the public regarding the reasons for going to war. Didn’t happen. They looked forward to the Inquiry in order for it to find that Blair was underhanded in confirming british weapons expert Dr David Kelly’s name as the one who raised questions about the government’s Iraq dossier, and therefore in some way bear some responsibility for Kelly’s subsequent suicide. Didn’t happen. They looked forward to the findings forcing many in his cabinet, and maybe the PM himself, to resign. Not even close to happening. What they didn’t expect was that the BBC and their reporter, Andrew Gilligan, would be knocked down a couple of pegs for his mythical and sensational reporting that the dossier was ordered to be “sexed up” by someone in the government (in the form of the 45 minute claim). They also didn’t expect that the BBC would be severely criticized and their Chairman would be forced to resign.

There still are big questions on why the intelligence was (seemingly, at this point) wrong, but the facts are that no one willingly distorted the intelligence in order to go to war. But, there is no question that the world is a better, safer place without the madman Saddam Hussein in power. So, in a way, even if the means were somewhat in error, the ends do justify them.

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