X at the Prime MeridianI feel a bit ashamed. I’ve been living in the UK for going on five years and I’ve only just gotten around to visiting Greenwich. What self-respecting geospatial analyst within driving distance hasn’t made the trip to the home of the Prime Meridian(longitude 0°0’0″) and Greenwich Mean Time(GMT)? Well, as the photographic evidence at left atests, I am now a member of the club: ‘people who have straddled the Prime Meridian at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich and have gotten their cheesey picture taken while doing it’. We also toured the Observatory and their various astronomical equipment and walked through the “last of the tea clippers”, the Cutty Sark. Amazing ship with a great history, but I still don’t know why they call the command area of the main deck the “Poop Deck”. Maybe Triumph, the comic dog, has the answer.

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