The Kilroy-Silk affair: just the latest thing that’s gotten under my skin. Granted, the guy’s a pretty lame talk-show host ala Phil Donahue, but he speaks his mind in an article entitled “We Owe Arabs Nothing” in a supposedly free country and is getting crucified. So let me get this straight – Anti-war protestors can shit in storekeeper’s doorways, chant slogans to embolden a murdering tyrant, and hold signs up comparing a democratic leader to Hitler and call for him to be assassinated….all that’s just another day at the office. When someone uses his right of freedom of speech to criticize (some) arabs for their rightfully despicable actions, he gets fired from his job with the BBC. Hate speech my ass. He spoke the truth. His mistake may have been to generalize a little too much, but that’s poitical correctness at its worst when you have to tread so gently and analyze every word for fear you might offend someone. And what about true hate speech, like when Arabs call for the death of Jews and Christians, and abuse their women?

The article in question, by the way, was printed in error and thus not in context with the times anyway. It was originally printed in April last year and Mr Kilroy’s secretary re-submitted it to the Sunday Express in error. Why there’s a furor now and not when it was published in the days leading up to the Iraq war puzzles me. I guess sometimes the truth is offensive, sometimes it’s not?

What’s great is that a BBC poll showed that 82% of people believed he had been treated badly and only 18% think the BBC was justified. And a poll by the Daily Express supported him with a staggering 97%. He’s also won some unlikely backing.

Some who were offended state that he made no mention of the good things that Arab civilization gave us, like ‘math and medicine’. I did not know that. Well, evidently it’s not true….this is from LGF comments:

this is great in that it opens up discussion as to what arab accomplishments are as opposed to what they claim–all the math stuff was compilations from hindu-indian math geniuses in baghdad under the abbasids –including the concept of zero–algebra and algorithems–the ‘rabs just did a razza on the indian philosophers/mathematicians and take unearned credit for it [as usual]–the medicine was compilation of greek treatises that were translated and studied–the only thing the arabs ever invented was tying fascism to religion in order to further a criminal enterprise of imperialistic world domination–and that’s a fact

I thought the Greeks played a part in both those things. I’ll stop my rant and end with this: while not all muslims or arabs are suicide bombers, all suicide bombers have been muslim and/or arab.

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