It’s pretty sad when all that’s left is rooting for the team you dislike the least in the NFL Playoffs, although I’ve always been a one team man anyway. Raider fan for life, baby (Al Davis, the Prince of Darkness just needs the blood of a young virgin to get rejuvenated and lead the Raiders to The Ring once again).

Dallas….out. Denver….out. I like both those outcomes, but the sweetest by far was the one-and-done KC Chefs. No, that’s not a misprint. They looked like Julia Child on defense. Loved watching Manning torch them in front of their home, hoosier crowd. Most disappointing, though, was the Patsies’ fortunate(for them) win. How the Titans’ Drew Bennett dropped that ball after making two great, leaping catches before that I don’t know. Patsies either get the zebras to win it for them (via the bogusly enacted “Tuck” rule) or just get plain lucky. That catch would’ve at least tied the game, if not given them the impetus for the win. I’m confident New England will get throttled v Indy. Here’s to a Carolina-Indianapolis Super Bowl.

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