no OJ jury here….the accused killer of the two Soham schoolgirls was found guilty today and will probably rot in jail, if he isn’t killed in there first. he claimed it was all a freakish accident, as i blogged about several days ago, and i started to think the jury may have bought some of it because it took them three days to return a verdict. the delay was more likely because his girlfriend’s fate was being debated…to sentence her as an accomplice or for obstructing justice? they opted for the latter and gave her 3 1/2 years for giving huntley an alibi (she initially claimed to have been with him when the girls disappeared). now, the sad information is being made public that huntley has a history of sex with underaged girls(11,13, and 15), rape, assault, and burglary. in all the allegations, 10 total, the police decided they didn’t have enough evidence to proceed. the real uproar now is how a police check, which they did when he was hired as the school caretaker, didn’t uncover this history. even if they were just allegations, why not keep some sort of record in the case of a pattern or trend? he had even changed his surname(to nixon) for no apparent reason other than to clear his criminal history(the burglary charge did stay on his record as huntley).

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