ahhh….whenever i’m feeling down, like when someone makes a comment on my blog calling me an “ignorant fuck” (see entry for 20 november on the anti-war demonstrators in london), i read the latest from vdh and all is better. here are a couple of excerpts, first on the lunocracy in syria:

The map doesn’t look good for a Syria. Its Bekka Valley terrorist enclave seems more like an atoll than a tidal wave. If Mr. Assad thinks that allowing terrorists to leave his borders to kill in Turkey, Israel, or Iraq is a good idea, he is either a lunatic or he is bent on his own destruction. Indeed, Israeli planes have already bombed his soil; the question of hot pursuit from Turkey is once again entirely in the hands of Ankara, not Damascus; and American jets will soon be on the verge of forgetting where the border between Syria and Iraq begins and ends. And if there were another September 11, then all voluntary restrictions on the use of the full extent of American power would be off — and the response would be too terrible to contemplate.

and here, depressingly, on my greek brethren:

Let us pray that the Olympics go well — despite the fact that they take place in the eastern Mediterranean, among a populace that is both without formidable military power and has expressed in a recent poll (by nearly a 90-percent majority) the belief that the United States is the chief threat to world peace.

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