the soham murder trial has been the top story in england for the past month. i wish they had the CSI guys and gals here in real life. on trial are a school caretaker for murder and his girlfriend for obstructing justice in the killing of two 10 year old girls. they went missing back in august in the small town of soham, not very far from cambridge. the search was the top news story back then and i even recall the caretaker and girlfriend being interviewed on the tv news, since they were supposedly the last to see them alive. they said they saw them walk past their house. their badly decomposed bodies were found some time later, in a ditch and in a remote wooded area near RAF lakenheath. now, the disgusting human admits to disposing of their bodies, but, get this, claims to be not guilty of murder. it was all a terrible accident. his story of how two healthy ten year old girls died in his apartment would be laughable if it weren’t so hideously evil. here’s what he alleges:

the two girls came into his house because they knew his girlfriend. she was a substitute teacher at their school. at some point, one of the gilrs got a bloody nose and they went up to the bathroom where he slipped, knocked one girl over into the bathtub, which just so happened to have water in it because he was getting ready to wash his dog. while she was supposedly unconscience and drowning, the other girl freaked out and started screaming. he allegedly put his hand over her mouth to quiet her, but ended up unintentionally suffocating her.

the (alleged) murderer actually thinks people will believe this story. yes, he is the victim of a tragic sequence of events, we’re supposed to believe. you can read more about his methodical, calculated disposal of the bodies at the link above if you can stomach it. i hope he (and she for helping him cover it up) gets what he deserves.

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