man, if i were a seattle seahawk, i’d be mad as hell. it’s not even in doubt that the zebras robbed them of a win over baltimore. they made not one but three mistakes on the same play. 1) dropping a flag on a non-penalty, 2) not restarting the clock after they corrected that mistake, and 3) giving shaun alexander a bad spot on his third down run, which appeared to be a first down. they’re awfully diplomatic about it, all considered. perhaps they have themselves to blame a little bit because, if it were me on the sideline, i’d have noticed the clock not running and just thrown my red replay flag out on the field to stop action and bring it to the ref’s attention. it sounds to me like coach holmgren was just standing there. it’ll be a travesty if they lose their division or miss the playoffs by one win. maybe st louis will take that officiating crew out to dinner.

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