the beer advocate has an interesting forum going at the moment posing the question: You’re at a bar. Choices are limited. You have to drink Budweiser Miller or Coors, which do you pick?

here are some of the replies:
Can I take a bullet to the head?!
…Hopefully I will never encounter such a bar
Since you are talking about them, can’t we just add water as a choice???
…the choice is always water, margarita, no beverage or leave
What is this? The beer equivalent of the no-win scenario test?

pretty funny. but maybe that’s cuz i’ve got several nice ones in the frig. tonight, i whipped up some chicken fried rice to accompany a pint of badger golden glory. wonderful beer. it’s a rich, golden ale, hence the name, with a very nice peach and melon flavor to it. it says on the label that they actually use peach blossoms. strong, flowery aroma. it was a little dissapointing to see some negative reviews on the beer advocate site, but i think that’s just because some tough guys don’t like fruit in their beer. i had to put in a glowing one to up it’s score.

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