disgusting. some of these people disgust me. i don’t even know what to call them anymore: anti-war protestors, peaceniks, demonstrators….no, i think i’ll just go with ‘idiots’.

one englishwoman idiot at the march actually said that “bush and blair should be assassinated”. not joking. and they say the president is evil?

there was the obligatory weaselly american idiot in london saying that “i hope the world doesn’t think all americans agree with bush….blah, blah, blah”. well most do, stupid fuck, and i’m glad, as are many of the now-free iraqis. this same person said she felt ashamed that some canadian wouldn’t talk to her when he found out she was american. who the hell cares. he’s canadian. they’re bred to be socialist anti-american fucks.

there were the idiots that (still) say the war was so america could get iraq’s oil.

and there were those head-in-the-sand idiots that thought they were making some grand statement by toppling a mock statue of the president in trafalgar square. first, that is insulting to all americans. second, it’s unintentionally ironic and doesn’t make much sense. it just reminds everyone of april 6th and all the right reasons we toppled the murdering iraqi tyrrant.

oh, and lest i forget to mention that they’re burning our flag down in jolly ole london as well.

these idiots follow the likes of george galloway, jesse jackson, michael moore, damon albarn(i’ll never buy another blur cd and i’ll burn the one i have), and their crazy mayor (yes, london has a mayor. and he ain’t no guiliani). so should i be surprised by their actions and rhetoric?

scenes like i saw today make me want my country to shut ourselves off from the world and watch everything go to shit. but we’re trying to make the world a better, safer, more free place. sometimes force is needed and mistakes are made, but it’s all for the greater good. thank God some people….most people….don’t want us to go home:

Where is the red paint to protest against the blasts at Najaf, of the UN in Baghdad, of the Red Cross, of the synagogues, of the Bali night-club, of the Arab-Jewish restaurant in Haifa? Where are the ‘No Suicide Bombings’ posters in the Muswell Hill windows? Or do you really believe we can save ourselves by constructing a huge wall around these islands, or around America, and painting it with smileys? That maybe then the ills of the world will leave us alone?

these people should be ashamed that while they march against the “terror of george bush”, real terrorists are bombing uk institutions and killing uk citizens in turkey. they make me sick.

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