even though this comes under the heading of ‘who the hell cares’, the uk press is getting all spun up over the latest royal family scandal. this time, it involves prince charles and an alleged gay sexual encounter with a former man-servant. it’s all really kind of funny, but what should we expect from a guy that once (1993) told lover camilla parker bowles (that one was a woman) that he wanted to be reincarnated as her tampon. snl got some mileage out of that one, i recall.

as it stands now, the royals are denying the allegations, though they won’t say what they’re denying and the papers can’t print anything. if you can read italian, the corriere della cera supposedly printed the story, since they’re not bound by the uk’s libel laws. even if you can’t read it, it’s worth going to their web site to check out their calendari 2004 (not safe from work). my favorite so far is charlotte. actually, you might need to visit that page to cleanse your mind of the hideous image of prince charles bending over for the butler. ughh.

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