i’m continuing beer week. helps me forget the raiders’ woes.

today i had my all-time favorite stout. the black-as-a-moonless-night mackeson milk stout. i have a sweet tooth, so that’s a major reason why i love this sweet, black nectar of the Gods. and it has an espresso flavour about it (another favorite beverage of mine). the beer advocate dudes loved it as well, although they practically committed beer heresy by dissing the guinness:

…This is why we live. Very smooth and creamy, and one of the best stouts brewed to this day. I’d go as far as speculating that it might be better than the highly/over rated Guinness, as an everyday stout. But, that’s just us so keep the flames minimal =) All I know is that this is a sheer delight for any imbiber willing to indulge with such a complex and oft overlooked Stout.

their review was of the more potent triple xxx version(4.9% abv). i had the less strong 3.5% abv version. still….goood!

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