ok, i just couldn’t resist blogging about one the few things on tv that crack me up (don’t forget: i only got one channel on my tv in italia) … MTV’s boiling points is a bit like their buzz kill shows from the mid-90s. their stus entrap and annoy unsuspecting saps for a set # of minutes … if they go nuts before the clock stops, the joke’s over but if they endure the prankster long enough to reach the time limit mtv rewards them with 100 bucks. ok … beyond b.p., the simpsons (re-runs included!), and hardball with chris matthews, if it’s not a good game on i’m still channel surfing. i swear vh-1 rolls 16 candles, breakfast club, or pretty in pink twice a week … uh, not that there’s anything wrong with molly ringwald 🙂

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