the thing that sucks most about being overseas is that night games, whatever american sport they may be, are shown here at 2 am, if they’re shown at all. take last night for example. i missed two classics. one i would’ve enjoyed more than the other.

first was chucky and the overrated bucs losing to dungy and the colts in a great comeback (that one i would’ve liked). someone tell that sapp bitch that if you want to call yourself one of the best defenses of all-time, you can’t give up 38 points. not at home. and especially not with a three touchdown lead and less than 4 minutes to play. that’s unheard of. almost as bad as blowing a 15 point lead to the lowly bears. how i wish i could’ve seen gruden squirm while this was all happening.

second was the athletics’ heartbreaking loss (if you’re an oakland fan) to boston in game 5 of the mlb playoffs. and the bizarre boston celebration. to quote carson: that was some some crazy, wild stuff. people are saying that they choked again. for the fourth time in four years. yes, they were probably robbed in game 3, although maybe they should have slided when they were supposed to, and touched the plate, and kept running, and had the right man bat, and avoided tavern debates, and beat the teams they are supposed to beat.

hmmmm. wonder if there’s something in the water in oaktown.

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