since i’ve been a fan of cameron diaz since the mask, i figured i’d put the sweetest thing in my netflix queue despite the bad reviews. it didn’t hurt that christina applegate, selma blair, and parker posey were also listed among the credits. when i read that diaz was dating that girly-man from the boy band, i wanted to yank it from my rental queue, but it was already in the mail.

the movie was pretty bad, but not without a few funny gags. it was kinda like a trashy, badly written version of swingers, but with women as the playas. a farrelly brothers movie for chicks. i can’t believe some of the stuff they got away with in the movie: a girl rubs her crotch because her partner was too big, a girl gets stuck while giving fellatio (the guy had a piercing), there’s a musical segment about the penis in a restaurant (“it’s too big to put in here”) and a scene where a girl takes her “stained” (ala monica and bubba) dress to the cleaners. there’s cunnilingus on the highway, breast implant jokes, fart jokes, and much more. and these are supposedly a-list actresses. to think i was really close to watching it with my parents. this reviewer described it well: “Sewer rats could watch this movie and be so skeeved out that they’d need a shower”.

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