siena's duomoi’m in washington now, as i travel the world to help save mankind. i’m actually in west virginia. don’t ask me why. i’d rather be just about anywhere else. and there’s a hurricane headed right for us, which is actually good news because it means i may be able to leave here early.

but to rewind a little, i must say that florence, italy was awesome. we saw the adobe illustrator chick (botticelli’s aphrodite, or ‘venus’ as the romans call her) in the uffizi, david at the academia, the ponte vecchio (the bridge with the houses on it), and lots more masterworks too numerous to list here. i thought nothing in italy could beat it.

then we took a day trip to siena by train.

smaller and even more beautiful. it possesses an amazing medieval atmosphere. while it didn’t match up to florence in famous artwork, it more than made up for it by being so picturesque (its duomo is pictured here). and it has maybe the most beautiful piazza i’ve ever seen. my photos don’t do the city justice. the one thing that sucked throughout the trip was that there was scaffolding everywhere we went. restoring and cleaning is good, but why during the high tourist season? big-headed david was partially obscured, along with the palazzo vecchio and part of siena’s piazza del campo. and titian’s scandalous venus of urbino was on tour somewhere else.

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