i’m in germany now for meetings and it’s great because i can catch up on my espn news on the afn sports channel that’s plugged into my hotel. i only get the lame afn atlantic channel back in cambridge. i may stay up all night.

while i was away, i totally missed out on hearing about the newest internet cult star: the star wars kid. this guy’s the most famous since that cheesey, turkish, “i kiss you” guy a couple years back. his name is ghyslain raza and he’s a 15 year old canadian (this explains a lot). four peers of his got ahold of a videotape he recorded of himself going nuts with a lightsabre (sound effects and all) in an empty studio. it’s pretty funny stuff.

the latest is that he was mocked so badly at school that he dropped out and “will be under psychiatric care for an indefinite period of time”, according to his parents. they are also suing the four guys that obtained the footage, seeking $225,000 in damages.

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