nice hati hate the whole idea of royalty here in the uk. a small group of inbred people worshiped by the public, while holding no real governing power and yet still raking in the taxpayers’ dollars. that’s why i wasn’t too excited about visiting buckingham palace. i heard it was full of knick-knackery and highly overrated as a tourist spot. but this month was the limited summer opening of the palace’s state rooms and tickets were able to be booked in advance(online), so i said what the hell. it actually wasn’t too bad. kind of like the white house on steroids. lots of gold leaf and victorian era stuff. there were actually some pretty good paintings in there as well. by the likes of rembrandt, poussin, and rubens. it still made me ponder the question: what do these people DO?

we also visited the royal mews. the place where the horses, carriages, and rolls royces that the royals travel around in are kept. the horsemen and drivers also live there. beautiful horses, which reminds me to wish a big horse-lover, my lovely sister georgia, a happy birthday today (the 26th).

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