full throttlei wouldn’t exactly call the quiet american ‘high-brow’, but on the other end of the spectrum we gots the charlie’s angels: full throttle. ignore the mostly negative reviews, this is a fun flick. dumb, but fun. i dare say it’s almost better than a bob hope Christmas special. you get to see cameron diaz and lucy liu in a variety of skimpy outfits (i’m purposely leaving that E.T. girl’s name out here), although i must warn there’s a disturbing scene where cameron masquerades like a very convincing butch dike. this isn’t as good as the original because 1) bill murray isn’t in it and his replacement, bernie mac, is totally lame, 2) no real entertaining bad guy like weird sam rockwell in the first (but the villainess here, hardbody demi moore, has other attributes…like being the hottest 40 year old woman on the planet), and 3) not enough of the thin man (crispin glover goes down like a hero though). there’s some excellent use of music as in the first movie, but no instant-classic scene like the alley fight to prodigy’s ‘smack my bitch up’. they do use that tune again in this one to pretty good effect. oh, and my man jp has a keen eye. he spotted the tribute(spoof?) to loverboy on the movie poster(the v-sign held behind the bum, see thumbnail attached to this post). i doubted him, but the fact that loverboy made the soundtrack convinced me. the music ranges from the beach boys to classic rock to hair bands to rap to rage. and there’s a lot crammed in here: spoofs of cape fear, CSI, risky business, flashdance, and raiders of the lost ark, plus more i’m probably forgetting; cool fx where you just have to suspend disbelief, another great choreographed dance scene with cameron, some odd cameos(bruce willis, pink, the olson twins, jaclyn smith, carrie fisher, eve), and a strange string of incest and whore jokes with john cleese(this went about 3 jokes too far). bigger, faster, and louder than the first, but not better.

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