just dominate. with football season fast approaching, i thought i’d link to an interesting pre-super bowl article about al davis. it reflects why people have such extreme feelings about him and the raiders (e.g. the raider-hating maggot who has been so eloquently commenting on this blog – see trucker hat post – and my raiderblog). i once worshipped him as a god, but even i can’t understand his constant legal maneuvers and desire to move the team. plus there’s the still-unexplained marcus allen feud. he’s lost a lot of loyal fans with those actions. i do think that he was and still is a great football mind who values team loyalty above all else. which is strange because either he under-valued the fans’ loyalty or he thought that raider loyalty shouldn’t hold to geographic boundaries. the latter is true in my case, but then i’m not one of those kids that cried when he moved the team out of oakland. nevertheless, i’d rather have him on my side than against me, even with the hideous threads.

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