everyone knows i love the ladies. especially when they’re lovin other ladies….and it’s caught on film;) but being the educated guy i am, i was listening to bbc4 radio today and there was an item about a web based company in the uk that sold sperm and IVF kits to women, mostly catering to lesbian couples that want to have kids. the company goes by the troubling name of man not included.

i have several problems with this. haven’t these women, in choosing the lifestyle they have chosen, forfeited their chance to have children? what is the thinking behind their desire to raise kids in such an unnatural environment and with such an obviously unnatural method (insert plastic syringe and squeeze)? what do they tell the kids about their father?….”chad, your father was a chicken baster”. i’m open to debate here, but a lesbian, by definition, specifically gives up her right to conceive children. and even if a fatherless, lesbian household parenting children like a normal family isn’t a problem with you, aren’t there thousands of orphans out there that can be given a home with them? while it’s not quite right, it’s probably better than a life brought up in an institution and with no parents at all. it seems to me a better option for this already overpopulated world. better, anyway, than adding more babies just to please lesbians that are jonesin for their very own. lastly, this type of business isn’t even governed or regulated by any health organization in the uk, like real IVF clinics are. they are simply a sperm holding company that resells it to buyers and they fall outside the current regulatory laws. that’s a law that needs to be changed.

oh, and here’s another ugly twist from their web page’s “latest news” section….(they) now accept gay men.

next thing you know, they’ll open up a public school for gays only.

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