abethat’s abraham lincoln with broken chains in his fists and looking tough. this monument is in the center of a major tijuana, mexico traffic circle. the mexican people identify and admire honest abe, which was a surprising fact that i learned on our one day visit. the other thing i learned is that i don’t really yearn to return to tijuana anytime soon. maybe if i ever need cheap pharmaceuticals, dental care, or a wrestling mask. the town is pretty dirty, smells ripe, and is somewhat squalid, though we managed to find a nice mall and an excellent cantina for happy hour (2 for 1) margaritas and appetizers. and i did purchase a fine guajabera shirt from a very nice storekeeper. it was a relief to get back to san diego at the end of the day, but bittersweet in that i had to leave to return to dreary ole england the very next day.

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