ponte du hoci’m leaving tomorrow morning for my very first trip to normandy, france, to visit the fighting ground and memorials to all the brave allied servicemen who gave their lives for freedom on D Day, 06 June 1944. we’re taking the bus-ferry-bus there and will have guided tours most of the time. in preparation for the trip, we all chose an aspect of the D Day assault, gave briefs, and wrote short papers on it. i covered part of the remarkable, US Army Ranger attack on the 100 foot cliffs of pointe du hoc. i had known nothing about this part of the D Day assault. omaha beach seems to overshadow most everything else. if interested in learning more, this Army site covers it in much detail and i built my brief mostly off it and the cornelius ryan novel, the longest day. i rented the dvd version of the movie based on the novel and it holds up well considering it was made in 1962 and is fairly bloodless by saving private ryan standards. star studded cast too. roddy mcdowell’s best work before his groundbreaking turn as cornelius in planet of the apes. you thought it was a stretch, him playing an ape….in this one, he plays an american serviceman. if you blink, you’ll miss him though.

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