meteora skullsin keeping with my new baadass theme, i thought i’d post a digital photo i took from inside the awesome, clifftop monasteries of meteora in central greece. pictured are skulls of dead monks kept for posterity. even those monks were baadass. besides collecting the skulls of their brethren, which is baadass enough if you ask me, they also had to fight off the damn turks who tried killing them off when they occupied greece. desire of isolation for prayer and safety from the bloodthirsty turks are the main reasons they built these sprawling complexes perched on the rocks. i believe the james bond flick for your eyes only featured these in its opening(?) chase scene.

i want to make a disclaimer here that i in no way condone the use of firearms. the new weblog design is just a spoof of the blaxploitation film genre, customized with my white ass and some of my favorite thangs: my supa-fast type-r, my bitches (a page3 girl, xtina, and a pin-up girl), and some scenes of londontown. it’s obviously not geographically correct, with tower bridge visible from battersea power station. by the way, can you remember who featured battersea power station on an album cover? (clue: a flying pig was also included)

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