speaking of metro systems, having just spent some time in roma on the metropolitana let me diss how weak the eternal city’s underground is: aged, filthy, seemingly built on-the-cheap, and limited connectivity with (count’em) two lines in service … pretty lame for a so-called world capital, considering the incredible systems of madrid and barcelona. granted you can only add so many lines and maybe those buried ruins mess things up, but these things should like sports arenas; you should more-or-less replace these things (i.e. cars, station interiors/facilities) every 20 years or so take advantage of modern technology/ammenities (let’s start with air filter systems and freon, amici!). i will say i was pleasantly surprised to find this map showing a new, third line in the works which will actually stop in san pietro (cipro & ottaviano are still hikes/unecessary pennances) as well as get you closer to some cool stuff (around pza navona, pantheon) than barberini currently does.

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