frappe cultureto quote the coolest musician out there (beck), fro-boy is rockin greece “like a mouldy crouton”. with the help of the beautiful aussie girl this time. the photo to the left is from our second day in athens and if you click on it, you’ll see our view of one of the wonders of the world, the acropolis, while we stopped for some drinks and mezzethes. it also accurately depicts what you’d see at 9 out of 10 cafe/bar tables in this country: the potent frappe, the ubiquitous cell phone, water, and maybe a cappuccino. oh forgot, most will also include a pack of cigarettes or drum tobacco, as like 90% of greeks smoke like fiends. we are currently on the dramatically scenic island of santorini. i hope to have more later. the weather has been a major disappointment. we’ve had cool weather with clouds almost every day and six days in, we haven’t had a beach-worthy day yet. aussie girl seems to be enjoying herself, but how could she not, in the presence of the fro-boy?

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