carnaby streetpreppin for my annual trip to greece next week. i’m gonna take my aussie girlfriend to see how she holds up against thea bessie and the relatives (i say that with much agapi). this past sunday thru tuesday, we spent in london. i had a conference to attend on tuesday so i took monday off. we also managed to get a pretty good hotel rate at the le meridian at russell square. beautiful, old hotel (although our room was average) right around the corner from the tube and the british museum. we had some excellent belgian beer (i had a tasty lambic) and chow at belgo’s, hit a few museums, and got in some shopping. the photo here is a building wall mural just off the famous carnaby street. we also saw the new x-men movie at the huge leicester square cinema. it rawked! better, actually way better, than the first, and they even had the guts to kill off one of the main characters. the fx were quite special, but i think the gold standard will be set by the soon-to-open matrix sequel. i’ll be in greece when it opens and it’ll be interesting to see how well it does considering the strong anti-american sentiment over there. of course, they’ll all flock to see the american-made movie because we make the best movies. so much for the boycotting of american products we were hearing about in the news.

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