just another internet trip back in time … here’s a slick Israel Defense Force account of 1976’s daring Raid on Entebbe. don’t know what the hell idi amin was thinking except “kick my ass like i was nasser”. before f::b tags me as a goyem double-agent, i’ll admit i do own an idf t-shirt bought during a visit to haifa (pre intifada) … but my ensuing pilgrimage to Jerusalem included a stop to TCB at the Elvis Inn, on the outskirts on your way to the ayalon (sp) valley. didn’t see a fried peanutbutter-banana sammich on the menu though … i got the free e.i. mug with purchase of a cappucino, which was nasty enough to make my lip curl on one side ;( hugey, this one’s for you: ” … give it to me, man!”

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