thanks to f::b’s generous surprise gift, my recent 37th b-day was a bit funkier – inspired by our winter screening of that tour-de-force undercover brother, he got me BaadAsssss Cinema: A Bold Look at 70s Blaxploitation Films. an informative documentary built on great filmography clips and interviews with the souljahs who waged jihad on white hollywood and won. 2 things you may have not known: the naacp coined ‘blaxploitation’ … shaft was the first hollywood studio release in the genre, but gonzo indy Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassss Song was the real genesis. still no insight on orange soda or mayonaise though(?) defining moment in SSBS (i count baadassss as one word here) was the ending as witnessed by the first screening: the crowd was initially hushed in confusion and disbelief as sweet actually eluded the Man and robbed death to finish the movie alive … which quickly ignited the audience into a frenzy of triumph. reinforcing conspiracy brothah’s diatribe about how any black man gets killed within the first 30 minutes of the Man’s films ( e.g. …” hey black man, turn on the generator, there’s dinosaurs out there …”). SOLID!

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