about a boyi just finished my second nick hornby novel, about a boy. while i don’t quite rank it with high fidelity, it’s damn close and it’s a great read. the book follows will, a thirty six year old single guy in london who doesn’t want to grow up (feels familiar), and marcus, a twelve year old who helps him to. will is shallow and super trendy and resorts to posing as a single parent to shag lonely single mothers. the story is both funny and touching. i’ve heard it described as a bloke’s version of bridget jones’ diary.

i also just watched the movie version on dvd. it was directed by the weitz brothers, who last did the lowbrow comedy american pie. even though i thought AP was hilarious, i kind of wondered how they’d pull off a more serious comedy totally devoid of fart, cum, and dick jokes. i was pleasantly surprised. the movie was an excellent rendition of the novel with the most important aspect, i think, being the casting. hugh grant was perfect as will. the supporting cast is mostly very good, but so much is based on us liking and relating to grant’s character and that part succeeds.

the only problem i have with the movie version is that i think they should have stuck with the mid-nineties setting of the novel. because of the present day setting, they have to alter the entire last third of the film. nick hornby always seems to include contemporary musical references in his writing and he had a great subplot involving the great band, nirvana, and kurt cobain’s suicide in 1994. don’t know why this was totally omitted and the time setting was changed, but it makes me wonder if it wasn’t the doing of that wicked woman, courtney love.

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