arab weeps at tyrrant downfallabout the american flag being used by the marines when the big saddam statue was being pulled down…..

while i disagree with flying it high over iraqi land as was regrettably done early in operation iraqi freedom, today’s gesture was not entirely inappropriate in my mind. i understand the thinking that we shouldn’t do anything that may offend or that may be misinterpreted by the arab world, but should we really be so hypersensitive to their feelings? is anything we do going to matter?

weren’t they celebrating 9/11 (or at least blaming it on our foreign policy)?
weren’t they burning american flags daily these last few months, calling our leaders evil and kissing pictures of saddam?
weren’t they celebrating our dead and wishing more upon us?
weren’t arabs everywhere volunteering to go on suicide missions to iraq to kill americans?
are they really going to change their minds about us? they’ll twist anything good we do into an arrogant, selfish act.

i think the US flag over the head of the murderous dictator was appropriate. fuck them. we shed our young men’s (and women’s) blood in iraq. we liberated their oppressed. we took the risks. we took action and didn’t leave the people of iraq to their fate like the throngs of peaceniks worldwide wanted.

the flag hood was symbolic of these noble actions. symbolic of the coming democracy. symbolic of the deposed tyrrant that wanted nothing to do with freedom because here he was, his head shrouded with the symbol of freedom, our stars and stripes. the only unfortunate thing is that we didn’t make him eat the union jack and the aussie flag as well.

today i heard an iraqi exile on bbc radio say, while choked with emotion, that in their culture the gesture of striking someone or something with the bottoms of the shoes is the worst, most denigrating thing one can do to another. it made him happy to see the scenes of people taking off their sandles and hitting the symbols of saddam. these scenes were everywhere. my favorite was when they decapitated it and dragged it through the streets, while children scurried alongside, trying to keep up, while whacking the head with their flip-flops. excellent.

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