saeed says: “is silly. chemical weapons in iraq is silly. those invaders…they lie because we are slaughtering them. as our great and heroic leader saddam hussein said, God is grilling their stomachs in hell. they are liars. they’ve been crushed by our leader’s brave fedayeen. they are being expelled from our land, those mercenaries. baghdad is secured and fortified and baghdadis are heroes. they are nowhere near saddam airport. they are 100 miles away. driving around in the desert. just driving. it’s all a hollywood fiction. we have defeated them, in fact we have crushed them in the place of saddam international airport. don’t believe those liars. they have done everything crazy, everything crazy. the criminals will be humiliated.” the minister of information, mohammed saeed al-sahaf, then went back into the safety of his room in a hotel filled with civilian media and refused to let any of them leave.

ok, technically i made this up, but it’s a basic summary of everything this joker has said in his “press conferences”. what’s most sad, and very disturbing, is that it seems most of the arab world believes him hook, line, and sinker…and we’re the liars.

oh, and the weapons of mass destruction….of course those were just planted by us evil zionists.

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