RIP, michael kelly, the washington post editor who died in a humvee accident in iraq while embedded with the 3ID. as more protests are scheduled outside american bases in england this weekend, i give you one of his more recent articles, immorality on the march….

…To choose perpetuation of tyranny over rescue from tyranny, where rescue may be achieved, is immoral….

To march against the war is not to give peace a chance. It is to give tyranny a chance. It is to give the Iraqi nuke a chance. It is to give the next terrorist mass murder a chance. It is to march for the furtherance of evil instead of the vanquishing of evil.

This cannot be the moral position.

respect human life, right? isn’t that what the left and the peaceniks are saying? let’s just ignore the fact that they don’t respect the human life that the iraqi dictator has snuffed for the last twenty(?) years. see how the scumbag media are celebrating the death of this man. a man that was doing nothing more than bringing the world the truth about operation iraqi freedom. they’re ugly hypocrites.

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