dead dictatorhe’s dead. when this is over, we’ll look back and laugh at the fact that we doubted it. we’ll laugh at the way his murderous, lying stooges tried to cover it up with old video tapes and speeches supposedly penned by him but not delivered by him. regarding the one the other day, described by some media as ‘fiery’ and ‘a call to arms’ and ‘jihad’ (all of a sudden, he’s religious, but that’s another story)…i ask why, if it was so important to stiffen his people for the big battle against the great satan, didn’t the brave dictator deliver it himself? simple. he’s dead.

oh, and by the way, i mentioned lying stooges. just a few hours ago, i heard their disinformation minister calling our description of advances “silly” and say we were over 100 kilometers outside baghdad and “just driving around in the desert”.
uhhh, note to saeed: we’re at your airport, dickhead!

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