spidey kickin some green goblin asswho gives a shit! haven’t we all already decided that the french just don’t matter? well maybe i shouldn’t say we all, since there are still a good number of effeteniks out there that are so full of contempt for dubya and so blindly ultra-liberal that their judgment is clouded.

i’m actually more pissed at this french fag for using the heroic moniker “spiderman” than for the completely predictable antiwar statement he’s trying to make. oooh, surprise…the french are against the war.

i’ve got news for you frenchy: spiderman used his power (and violence) for peace! he didn’t sit back and waffle or had long talk sessions with the other superheroes while the evil villains ran amok. he took care of the bastards before they were able to realize their evil plan.

buy this guy some comics, or rent him the video….the american version, because who knows what they did with the dubbing and editing for the french version….wait, i can see it: spiderman and the green goblin discover the closeted homosexual undercurrent beneath their rivalry, make up, fall in love, and have a french-government sanctioned man-marriage. the end.

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